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Lynn Strugnell/ 'COLOURS'

Lynn Strugnell is an artist, trained by Roy Oxlade, and Rose Wylie, inspired by David Bomberg and Philip Guston. Now living and creating between Brighton, England and Greece.

Lynn was a founder member of the Monson Group, and exhibited regularly with them.

In 1995 she took her M.A. in Fine Art at the University of Brighton. Her role as education officer at Cable Street Studios and artist in residence at the nearby secondary school, led her back into teaching. Later Lynn taught children with severe learning difficulty in Kent and West Sussex.

‘’My paintings aim to express my “feelings about a form.” To make imaginative transformations of my chosen subject. Each painting creates a space where the spectator can experience the familiar in a new way. I begin by sketching; the locality, the domestic and everyday life around me in particular humble objects that may escape the male artistic gaze. The vibrancy of the Aegean light informs my colour palette. I strive through gestural mark- making to recreate the “spirit in the mass” layering and juxtaposing the paint to achieve this result. I strongly believe that painting has a relevance today as a counterpoint to the slick consumer driven images that we are fed. Art should be challenging and make us reevaluate our attitudes. Drawing is an instinctive human activity, a universal language that transcends boundaries, and colour, a tool that enriches our experience of life.’’


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