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Mark Sajatovich/ Autumn Issue

Mark Sajatovich is an artist, historian and educator whose creative journey is guided by a profound belief of the enduring role of art in our chaotic world. In his eyes, art is a powerful reminder that contemplation and communication remain the cornerstone upon which a brighter future can be built amid chaos. At the heart of Sajatovich's artistic philosophy lies a deep appreciation for abstract art's unique capacity to challenge, provoke, and inspire. He views abstract art as a conduit for self-exploration. This dynamic mirror encourages viewers to delve into their beliefs and forge a deeper connection with the world.

Sajatovich's journey through art has been marked by a lifelong dedication to its study. His foray into the museum world saw him designing digital marketing campaigns and serving as art director for museum marketing initiatives. However, a rediscovery of the rich tapestry of Canadian folk and Indigenous art led him back to the world of acrylic and canvas. During the pandemic, new artists and online galleries were thriving and by 2022, Sajatovich had produced a volume of new work and believed that fresh international perspectives would broaden his scope. By 2023, his works had appeared in international exhibitions, magazines and catalogues.


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