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Matthias Neumann/ Summer Issue

Matthias Neumann is an artist and architect based in New York and in Athens, Greece. His projects have been presented at venues such as Manifesta 8, the National Museum of Contemporary Art Romania, Queens Museum, Jule Collins Smith Museum, the Cape Cod Museum of Art, and Arte Laguna at the Venice Arsenale, among others, in addition to a significant number of public art installations throughout the US. He is the recipient of the Kaplan Director’s Award of the Cape Cod Museum of Art, and a fellow at Mac Dowell Colony, the Lower Austrian Architecture Network, I-Park, and Vermont Studio Center. He teaches at the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College New York.

Camina Fantasma, realized for Enclave Land Art, Vall de Gallinera, Spain, 2021

“Camino Fantasma” – Ghost Walk was realized using 100 pieces of wood which migrated over the course of 2 weeks along a picturesque mountain path in the Vall de Gallinera, Spain. In the process the wood morphed from one sculptural form into another 4 times over. Each installations existed for one day, each taking up three days of the ongoing work process: one day installing, one day the work being in existence, and the third day de-installation. A performative act in public sculpture. I like to think of the structures as Ghosts as they have left their material form and have moved on into another form. Ghosts exist as long as the spirit of the expression still captures the imagination, and ceases to exist when the imagination does not engage with the spirit anymore. And this will mark the life span of this particular work.


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