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Micaela de Vivero/ 'Sea in Me'

''A critical idea in my installation work involves the conceptualisation of installations as associations between viewers and space. An installation entails many relationships: between the viewer and the art, between structure and movement, and between space and circulation. In my own practice, I think while making. I make through lines, volumes, colors and space, which are my tools. I create relationships between my work and the spaces it inhabits. I make artwork out of soft, malleable, porous materials, which many times are suspended and take their shape through the relationships with other elements that form the work. In my work, through these relationships, I privilege empty space over mass, lightness over weight, movement, precariousness, fragility, ephemerality and instability over stability. The pieces I create become large-scale sculptures or multi-object installations in which the viewer must move and participate with their presence. I approach my installations as compositions in space in which I create an opening for the viewer to circulate through the installation, experiencing it physically, emotionally and visually. I create environments that are larger than human-sized. I want them to be monumental in scale, making the viewers feel small in relation, and questioning their own sense of self. The audience’s experience while circulating my installations, is of extreme importance to me. The act of circulating the installations I create, is a journey of introspection and discovery, which leads ultimately to establish connections between the viewer and the art.

The works are the result of a residency at the costal town of Rota, Spain. I focused on creating acrylic ink drawings and photography to explore the transparency and effects of the sea in addition to other forms of art making that I usually engage with.''


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