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Miguel Sopena/ Winter Issue

Miguel Sopena is an artist and photographer originally from Valencia, Spain, but now based in Croydon, South London.

Miguel felt the pull of art as he came close to completing his doctorate in theoretical Physics at Sussex University in Southern England. He combined writing his thesis with drawing and painting, then enrolled on a 2-year part-time, introductory (and very hands-on) arts programme known in the UK as a Foundation course. This fun and intensive experience was a revelation to Miguel. In order to acquire a proper grounding in art, he went on to complete a 2-year, skills-based portraiture diploma at the Heatherley School of Fine Art in London, where he learnt in depth about traditional oil painting and the human figure. An eclectic and highly experimental artist, Miguel's interests are not limited to figuration, and soon after graduation (in 2015) he started working in an abstract language as well. At the moment, Miguel's painting practice is mainly abstract, but the drive to look for new avenues remains at the core of Miguel's artistic identity. Miguel has established a solid track record of exhibiting his work and participating in international residences (in Finland, Bulgaria and Istanbul). After past experimental solo shows (in London in 2017, Istanbul 2018) and many group exhibitions, his next solo show of recent abstract work will open in an East London gallery in December 2022.


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