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Natalia Millman/ B&W Photography

Natalia Millman is a Ukraine-born London bases conceptual multi-disciplinary artist who workd with paitning, photography, installation, video and sculpture. She has been part of Insight school of Art since 2013. In 2019 she joined Studio Fridays, a mentoring platform for emerging artist where she continues to research the philosophy of loss, ageing, human-nature connection, the role memories and the energy of resilient grieving.

Millman is the Ambassador of Arts4Dementia, a leading UK charity promoting creativity. The artist represented the charity at the Affordable Arts Fair in 2021. In addition to her studio work, she runs workshops for people with dementia in collaboration with Herts Independent Living. The artists is currently working on the ongoing community projects: Grief Letter, promoting grief support and the site specific project #thenatureofmemories In October 2021, the artist held her solo show VANISHING POINT in the Crypt Gallery, London. The exhibition grew out of personal experience of loss and explored ageing mind, body and the stigma of dementia. Since the show, she has been regularly exhibiting at group shows and virtual exhibition, collaborating with other artists and continuing to submit interviews and blog posts to creative and wellbeing organisations.


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