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Nicky Ruddick/ Women Art

Nicky Ruddick is a teacher and collage artist from North Devon, UK. She has always loved art, particularly drawing, painting and print making. During the pandemic, while juggling teaching in school by day, running online learning outside of school hours, and supporting her son who was learning at home, she realised she needed an outlet before she burned out. Through online workshops, she discovered collage as a new form of expression. She found that collaging can be a therapeutic tool and has used it to help work through stress and grief. She believes it is an accessible art form which anyone can join in with, regardless of their skills or views of themselves as an artist. She runs regular workshops, in person and online, to share the art form with others. Nicky enjoys creating every day, sitting in her spare room where she can listen to music and cut, rip and shred to her heart's content.


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