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Nina Antonakes/ Abstract Art

Greek-Canadian artist Nina Antonakes’ natural and vivid spaces of terrene and elemental wonders are one of a kind. The artist works with acrylic, mixed media, and other materials to produce these immense visions of pristine beauty. Floral vegetation, rocky elevations, and the palettes of winter, autumn, summer and spring flood her canvases and fuel the impulse to touch and interact with their designs. Her pieces commonly depict the landscapes of Greece and Canada—two places she calls home and are dearest in her identity. Stylistically influenced by Igor Medvedev, Emile Bellet, and Phillipa Hudson, Antonakes then creates her art with the intent and pureness of reminding people, “life is good”. Incited by passion, she developed her hobby of painting into a business, where she now receives numerous sales and commissions.

Antonakes is a retired instructional designer who once developed online courses for the architecture and interior design community. She has a Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design from Georgian College in Barrie Ontario. Her hobbies include traveling, golf and theatre.


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