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Nives Palmić/Autumn Issue

Nives Palmić is a professional painter and art professor. She graduated in painting from the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts. Besides her own art practice, she runs art courses and works as an art professor for art theory and art history. Also, working as a volunteer art animator with people with mental problems. She is the author of the practical book “From drawing to painting”, which was reprinted in 2021. Her work is present in international online galleries and was published in some art magazines as Spotlight Magazine from Circle Foundation and Artist Talk Magazine. Today she lives and works in the beautiful town of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

In her work, she constantly moves between realistic and abstract concepts, which are in her opinion two sides of the same phenomenon. Her main art practice explores classic techniques such as graphite, charcoal, ink, pastel, gouache, and watercolor to combine them with a modern approach.

The presented work is a part of the series SEA WAVES. It is created in an abstract manner, as a stylization of natural phenomena. It is inspired by sea waves and sea and sky colors.

In the process of creating she develops her own vision from a combination of memory and visual imagination. Paintings have a strong emphasis on color and pattern. One of her main interests lay in rhythm rather than outside form, which is why her paintings are cut-out compositions. For Nives pattern (ornament) is a way of visual expression of ideas, at which point she explores the relationship between realistic and abstract concepts and between image and pattern. Paintings are created with gouache colors on quality thick watercolor paper. The gouache technique is one of her favorites because the colors from different layers slightly mix together which results in rich and interesting color shades.


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