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Nugzar Manjaparashvili/ 'Sculpture' Special Edition

"In the process of making a work, I stop this worldly life and become a part of the material I am sculpting."

The place of birth is the village of Sighnaghi district. Nukriani, May 6, 1951. TSSA Faculty of Sculpture (1975). Teacher of TSU Secondary Faculty (1978-80) and I. Nikoladze Art School (1990-95). The main works are: Woman's Torso, "Spring", "Demetri Tbileli", "High Montage", "Mother-Child", composition (1986), "Sitting Woman (stone, 1988); "Head", "Portrait of Ilias", "Exclamation", "Diver", "April 9", "Aphrodite" (marble, 1997), "Angel with a broken wing" (1993), "Sphinx of Batumi" (2012), and many other medals Art works. Participating in exhibitions since 1976 - group exhibitions: "Artist's House", National Gallery of Georgia (1979-95). "Georgian Art" (Warsaw, 1985); Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR (Moscow, 1987); Georgian easel sculpture (Seg, Tbilisi, 1991), Georgian art (Moscow, Prague, 1991); "Iverthbank" and "Orient" gallery (Tbilisi, 1996), "Greece in modern Georgian art" (1998); ЦДХ (Moscow, 2003, 2004, 2005); Personal - "Tbilisi" gallery (1996), Paris (1979), "Art Avenue" (2014). Laureate of the National Gallery of Georgia (2002-03) and the Gallery of Modern Art (2005) I awards and "April 9" II award. The works are preserved in the bibliographic directory of the members of the Union of Artists of the USSR of the Ministry of Culture (Moscow, 1982); In the directory "Who's Who in Georgia" (2006-2009).


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