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Olga Stenina/ Autumn Issue

Olga is a ceramist, designer, and photographer. Her path began at the Arlon School of Fine Arts in 2013. Her disciplines are as follows film photography, drawing from a live model, and ceramics. Pursuing training courses in techniques, modeling, and decoration, she finally found her way. In her artistic work, Olga tries to express herself through the modeling of useful objects and to tell a story of the piece through the drawings by leaving imprints of her hands.

Artistic approach: Leave your mark

''Giving life to an object through drawings and leaving the imprint of the artist's hand in the material are the essential bases of my work. I seek to create contemporary and original pieces and am particularly attached to colors and deformations. I attach particular importance to the history of my object, and to what it tells. It seems to me that our role is to bring the gesture and the human back into our society. Any manual work emotionally charges a piece and it is this human dimension that the object will then propagate.''


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