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Paul Beaudoin/ Queer Art

Paul Beaudoin is a globally recognized interdisciplinary artist. His work often include large color fields that are interrupted with mark-making above and below the surface. His series of digital images are often quite biographical and incorporate "glitch" aesthetics in order to identify with issues surrounding memory, technology, and surveillance culture. Though "out" for most of his life, it is only in recent years, that he has allowed his "open" work to appear in public spaces. His work "Peep Show" was recently featured in the Visual Arts BEARTY Festival in Tallinn, Estonia. Paul currently lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

This series of still images form part of my installation "PEEP SHOW." For several decades (before the advent of WWW Porn) many LGBTQIA+ persons were forced to meet in derelict spaces to make connections. The sex shop, the toilet, the back alley, or other (and often) dangerous places, were mandated by the heteronormative majority. These still images reflect various aspects of LGBTQIA+ culture over the decades beginning with the 1960s up until the early 2000s. Some images metaphorically address fetish, while others address the AIDS crisis and the tremendous sense of loss and isolation felt by many young queer people."


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