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Paul Butterworth / Spring Issue

Paul Butterworth is an actor and 3rd year BA (Hons) Painting student specializing in abstract expressionism at the University for the Creative Arts - Open College of the Arts campus. Originally from Yorkshire, He lives and works from home studio in Cambridge.

I act with color for the canvas. As Anthony Hopkins said, acting is all about relaxing, learning your lines so well that you can trust to the moment, and letting your subconscious do the work. I believe that the same is true of painting but instead of learning lines you study and practice art. Kirk Varnadoe (MoMA) said that the dream with abstract art is of '... a dream world of point-blank and immediate response.’ However, that in the moment response always references our life and times, whether on screen or canvas. The abstraction of Mondrian and Pollock describes their life and times as surely as a film by Alfred Hitchcock. "


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