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Pauline Bradbury/ 'COLOURS'

Pauline Bradbury graduated from Southampton University 1999 with an Art&Design/Psychology Degree. Started Crank Pots Art Studio 1999 where I've taught ceramic classes for many students; all ages & abilities. I teach in local schools; work with mental health groups; work with my local council to facilitate young people's pottery groups threw out vacation periods; work with nhs sussex trust, cahms and facilitate workshops or sometimes installations with young peoples. Co-run Tidal Arts & Crafts. On the committee for a local Family Fun Day involving quite a big craft market. Explored encaustic wax, its bright colours and fluid movement using a hot plate, hot iron and various tools allow for bold shapes to transform. Heating the wax allows an easy fushion of colour, as it cools the shape is set. This took me to cyanotype; with the use of natural objects placed on paper/fabric that’s been coated with the chemicals; it is then exposed to the nautural sunlight. Washing the image under running water to reveal a Persian Blue back ground. The shapes of the natural objects are left white. These bold, striking methods of printing have drawn me to mono printing. Bringing together all that I'm learning to combine techniques all explored transferring of images and shapes.

‘’A ceramicist at heart, lately I’ve been experimenting, researching, experimenting with mono printing on many levels. Shapes and colours! My family continually remark “Oh my god, mum's seeing shapes & colours! Without realizing I've been drawing from natures beauty; surrounded by the New Forest & the coast with it's continual seasonal changes. Mark making, texturing, image transfer, decals are all implements at my disposal. Working with a gelli plate, applying colours, combining talc, glue, baby oil, rolling with a brayer, brush movements, texturing with numerous tools; layering each printed piece. Discovering how layers come together to compliment an overall composition. A continual strive to push the boundaries and discover more.’’


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