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Pete Mountford/ 101 contemporary artists and more... VOL4

Pete Mountford received training in Ceramics and has been pursuing a professional career in the arts since the early 1990s, initially working primarily within that medium. However, around the turn of the millennium, he transitioned into painting and drawing. His approach involved a combination of systematic and chance-based methods, where he assigned designated colors to specific numbers and symbols. This creative shift in his work continued up to approximately 2007/8, encompassing the period described in the Artist Statement section below.

In addition to his role as a practicing artist, he has taken on curatorial responsibilities and organized numerous exhibitions, both featuring his own creations and those of other artists, both locally and internationally. In 2001, he co-founded Art 3 with two others, initially managing the exhibition program for a restaurant in West London for six years. Eventually, Art 3 expanded its scope, collaborating with several organizations to curate over 60 exhibitions in and around London over a six-year span.

Between 2020 and 2022, he played a pivotal role in developing and co-curating a transatlantic exhibition featuring artists from the UK and the USA. This exhibition traveled to venues in both countries. Additionally, during that period, he embarked on his first art residency in Atina, Italy, collaborating with 13 other artists in the residency program.


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