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Peter Bushby/ Autumn Issue

''You cannot change everything, but you can change how you respond to anything. These images help you reflect on how you respond to situations you find yourself in. Look and linger on each image, there are no words to interrupt your thoughts. I ask you to think of each as the start of a trail along which your mind can roam freely. Maybe one image reminds you of finding enough strength to change, and one of a time when you didn’t.

What is your response to each of those images. Finally, before you leave, is there anything you can do from this point on, that will help others (or yourself) when you find yourself desparetly wishing they (or you) could change something?''

Peter Bushby is 69. His camera gear was stolen in 1995 and he made with a compact and a phone until January 2021 when he bought what expected to be a white elephant. In fact he had re-awakened a too-long dormant passion. Peter got my LRPS in Spetember 2021, the same month in which he started an MA (Photography) at Falmouth Flexible.


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