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Peter O'Donnell

Peter has been writing songs since growing up in Somerset and signed his first record deal aged 19. Now with over 300 songs to his name, his music still has the raw blast of the first heartache, the freshness of the first kiss and the passion of his unique instinctive grasp of what makes us and the world go around. Peter has led an extraordinary life from which to draw inspiration. The 1970’s were spent with his rock band Casino touring Europe and the university circuit supporting such bands as Thin Lizzy, Supertramp and 10cc whilst they had an original song ‘Crazy’ in the UK charts. Later he enjoyed busking as a troubadour on the streets of Paris; in contrast to spending time in New York at the Juilliard School of Music and mixing with the stars in Hollywood when he spent a year at the Chateau Marmont. Peter later became a piano entertainer in top hotels in London and West End clubs such as Stringfellows and has crooned like Sinatra round the world on luxury cruises. For the past twelve years he has played as the resident band at The Ritz in London but is now concentrating on his own music and song writing. Peter's repertoire is wide ranging and there are not many tunes that he won't have a go at, though blues is his real passion. His love of travelling and living by the sea in St Leonards has inspired many of his recent songs. Sometimes the lyrics come first or there may be a riff in his head which sparks an idea which he then crafts into a song over several days.

Blue Horizon

There’s a blue horizon on a silver sea

The golden sun rising to be with me

Oh I’ve got this feeling where I need to be

Go sing what you want boy

Always be free

There’s a big world out there

It’s waiting for me

Got to make it happen just wait and see

I find myself smiling as I sip my tea

Go sing what you want boy

Always be free

The long bendy road is calling you home

There’s nothing you can do about it now

The river of love is deep

And it’s your soul on the line

You ain’t got time on your side

So you gotta ride

Caught up in a circle

My feet off the ground

Life is a circus on a merry go round

I’ve got this notion to let it be

And sing when I want to

Always be free

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Jul 21, 2022

If you want to sing along... Blue Horizon

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