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Phil Neal/ Nude Art

Phil Neal is a freelance sculptor, located on the North Notts/Derbyshire border, who possesses a deep-rooted passion for photography. From his early days with a Brownie Box camera to his current Zenza Bronica S2A, he has always been captivated by the art form. Lately, he has begun incorporating photography into his sculpting work, exploring new avenues of artistic expression.

One particular image, titled "Autumn Light," caught his attention. It was a self-portrait captured using an iPhone 5s and reflected in a mirror. The composition showcased a fragmented beam of light cutting across his entire torso, courtesy of the holes in his wooden blinds. As a redhead, he typically shied away from excessive exposure to sunlight, but on that morning, the sunlight found its way to him, illuminating the scene.

''I trained in medical prosthetics and more recently engineering. I have always used this practical experience in my art, which is also often influenced by it. I’m passionate about art education especially at primary level, using as much recycled material as possible to inspire as well as educate. I myself am inspired by nature and the natural form; I find wood the most naturally beautiful of materials but create & experiment in all mediums and I love to contrast these elements. I always try to ensure that the craft and aesthetic of my work will harmonise with the environment in which it is placed.''

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