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Philip Vaughan-Williams/ Landscapes

Philip Vaughan-Williams is a UK based Visual Artist with over 20 years of practice. He has a primary interest in materials, with work manifesting as 3D artworks, artist books, micro zines, postcards, digital photographs, drawings and mixed media assemblages, that often make comment on society, identity and the geography that is inhabited. A history of Mail Art participation and archiving as well as making installation and performance work on similar themes as well as political comment and identity. Work also explores the tensions between the ephemeral and permanence. His series of 'Lockdown Landscape' drawings were made daily during the pandemic lockdowns in the UK during 2020 and 2021. Inspired by the landscape of where he lives, Philip made daily walks, navigating every right of way possibly around his home in Mid Suffolk, taking photographs and making sketches along the way. The volume of work documented the landscape at this time and formed a record of his lockdown experience.


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