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Pier Forlano/ 'COLOURS'

The humanistic and visionary component of Italy (where I was born) has blended with the scientific component inherited from my father, a chemist: hence the attention to details, the analytical decomposition of the image and of concepts into symbolic formulas, a curiosity about form as the expression of a movement, a three-dimensionality and a function. My diplomatic career has taken me to many lands and continents, putting me in contact with different cultures and a stunning variety of images. Tribal art, surrealism, symbolism and graffiti art are my possible inspirational starting blocks. I have exhibited in Philadelphia, Manhattan (Salmagundi Gallery) and Brussels (Italian Institute of Culture).

‘’I am in search of the perfect balance among black and white rendition, geometry, colors, association and meaning. I pay a lot of attention to composition and try to tell a story which can be both personal or political. Thus, decorating with style or to a particular aesthetical effect is not enough to express my inner life. The desire to experiment with different materials permeates my entire production, which spans from collage to layering, assemblage, high relief and even the introduction of real objects into the paintings.’’


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