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Qianjie Nie/ Figurative Art

Qianjie Nie focuses on data research, her previous works were focusing on communication language data under the construction of machine language, now it's more into her personal physical health data (PCOS) with painting and metal engraving. In terms of painting creation she try to depict her visualization of those x-ray images of the body.The dark or bright nodes in the chaotic x-ray images can be the ovaries, which are overstuffed and stunted compared to normal women, also the breast nodules, the metals and drugs embedded in the teeth, which remind me of shiny jewelry or gems, various misshapen and unpolished pearls. She try to create a overworldly physical world of her imagination, black holes&pearls are the items that currently link through her paintings, and tend to give a sense of flow and storytelling to the images.


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