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Queer Art/ Special Edition

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

There can be no singular "Queer art"!

For more than a century, Queer Art has used photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage to explore the varieties and depths of queer identity, which describes the experience of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people. Despite the increased openness of certain urban societies, the artists of the time learned to develop visual codes to signify queerness in clandestine ways, which were left open to viewers' interpretation. One of the most important figures of the art world is Francis Bacon, who would never have considered himself a queer artist and resisted politicizing his homosexuality. His work fulfills a certain unconscious idea.

As an example, his work ‘Two Figures’ is powerfully rendered male figures and it was among the darkest of Bacon’s works, with an idea of unrevealed sexual identity. The piece was problematic for curators and even police were investigating the grounds of obscenity.

With this Special Edition, we are dedicating ourselves to Queer Art and artists, who identify their practices as queer and often call upon utopian and dystopian alternatives to the ordinary, adopt outlaw stances, embrace feelings and forge unprecedented kinships and relationships, who are not afraid to raise their voices, show their Art to the public, and share their stories with us.


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