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Rachel Vogeleisen/ Square Works

Rachel is a London-based photographer and artist whose passion lies in capturing beautiful, cinematic experiences that take viewers on a journey. With a discerning eye and creative spirit, Rachel uses her camera lens to transport audiences to distant places, carefully curating scenes that embody the beauty of life. Drawing inspiration from famed photographers like William Eckletson, Cartier Bresson, and Willy Ronis, Rachel’s work is infused with the essence of classic film photography. From the tranquil beauty of nature to the complexity of the urban landscape, each image Rachel creates speaks to the joys of a life fully celebrated.

Rachel’s process is both methodical and emotionally driven. She carefully plans out her shots and seeks out the perfect locations, focusing on the right light and the perfect angle. But perhaps the biggest challenge that Rachel faces is the ability to capture the full range of emotions that make up a moment. Whether it’s a soft, warm embrace or a solitary figure standing on a beach at sunrise, she is determined to create images that evoke emotion in the viewers.


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