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Rebekah Okpoti/ Summer Issue

Rebekah Okpoti Lectures Music & Creative Arts at Liverpool Hope University and is Associate Organist at Leeds Cathedral, UK. Rebekah studied at Chethams School of Music, going on to win 1st place in the European Student Convention and Russian and Baltic States Convention (Rachmaninoff category). Following this Rebekah studied at the Royal Northern College of Music, under Peter Lawson, as a Pianist. Rebekah then completed her MA in Music Practice followed by a PhD in Sonic Installation Art and Composition through the University of Central Lancashire under Film Maker Professor Erik Knusden. Rebekah studies Organ under Professor David Baker in 2020.

The Finding Home collection is a 1:12 scale Reimagined Last supper. Finding Home represents the multifaceted elements of Domesticity and desire presented through Sonic Installation Art works in miniature Gallery Spaces. The work encourages viewers to build their own narrative, momentarily gifting a portion of control to the viewer. The works titles give an opportunity for personification of a character and personality with composition that represents a lifestyle that provides sanctuary within reality.


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