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Reece Adair/ Summer Issue

Reece Adair is a BA (Hons) Fine Art first-class graduate specialising in oil painting. Based in Manchester, Born in Blackpool, UK. Skilled in curation, stretcher building, priming surfaces, making mediums and oil paint, photography, guest lecturing, Adobe Creative Suite and Printing.

''My practice is as an exploration of understanding existential concerns, consisting of painterly reflections on the body and its susceptibility suffering. I deal with contemporary painting in flux with traditions and practises of historical European painting, dissecting areas of disciplines and techniques in an attempt to create compelling imagery. My paintings borrow from found imagery that is derived from archived, medical and crime-scene, forensic sources. I experiment with digital editing platforms to corrupt and transform this imagery before being used as source material to create obscured painterly realities. My practice confronts notions of mortality, death and the human condition, but is painted with a tentative sensibility that reduces the body down to its formal qualities rather than its brutal reality, offering my works to be a peaceful rendition of sedated horror.''


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