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Regina Obregon/ 'Landscapes'

Regina was born in Mexico City in 1985, where she currently resides and works. Studied Architecture and Urbanism at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). She obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, and for her professional formation she coursed studies in analog photography B&W at the Speós School of Photography in Paris, France. Subsequently she immersed herself in the realm of digital processes with the Digital Photography Workshop at Estudio Urquiza Fotógrafos. Twined to her professional career, she delved into many workshops throughout the years which helped her deepen her creative expression, attending printing and pictorial technique workshops at the National Painting and Sculpture School La Esmeralda, Mexico City. Furthermore, she has coursed certification programs in Photopainting and attended for more than four years the Contemporary Art Center founded by the renowned photographer Sául Serrano, which deepened and widened her studies. She has attended workshops with photographer Vida Yovanovich and has coursed programs such as “What is Contemporary Art” by the Museum of Modern Art New York and “From the Artist’s Studio to the Art Market.” Some of her more important exhibitions include “2 European Capitals” at the Gaudí Gallery of Contemporary Art (Madrid, Spain). She has participated in the International Arte Art Fair 3 (Paris, France), and formed part of the group show “Mexican Contemporary Photography” at Pared Negra Gallery in the Cuban Art Factory. She has also exhibited work at the Casa de México Benito Juárez and the Cuban Sound Archive (Havana, Cuba). She has participated during many years in shows such as “Artificial Simulations” at the Contemporary Art Gallery (Mexico City) and in pop-up shows with Online Artifice Gallery. Moreover, she has been selected to show at the exhibition “Expanding Boundaries” at the Los Angeles Center for Photography (LACP).


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