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Renata Crespo/ Autumn Issue

Renata Crespo is a Cuban photographer and visual artist currently based in Rotterdam. After graduating with a Bachelor of History from the University of Havana in 2019, Renata simultaneously studied photography at the School of Creative Photography of Havana. While still studying, in 2016 she enrolled in the National Geographic Photo Camp that took place in November of that year, as part of the cultural exchanges that were maintained during the so-called ‘‘Cuban thaw’’ (normalization of the relations between Cuba and the United States), started by the Obama administration. Renata creates visual concepts using photography as her primary medium. Her work is a projection of her experiences and personal battles. She captures with her lens everyday impressions of her surroundings, including personal and family moments. With the freshness and pleasant style, she highlights the importance of happiness in turbulent times. Her practice has been recognized by institutions and publications such as the Rotterdam Photo Festival and the contemporary art magazine Al-Tiba9. Her art has been featured on many digital platforms with a feminist and integrationist approach. Feminist, Curated by GIRLS, and Black is Mag are some of them. Another recent highlight of her journey was her inclusion in the Black Women Photographers collective. Renata has participated in seven group exhibitions and held her first solo exhibition, Unusual People, in April 2019. Renata has been part of Luciano Méndez's contemporary Cuban art collection since 2015.


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