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Rene Garza/ Autumn Issue

Rene Garza is a multidisciplinary artist based in Houston, TX. Garza spent over 15 years as a fashion and celebrity stylist traveling the world in a business ruled by visceral aesthetics. He is using those experiences to create a body of work that reflects his long standing love of conceptual art. The unifying theme that connects throughout his work is intent. The process and materials often used are the reason for the works. Garza tends to work with found or sustainable materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Exploring the divide between high end aesthetics and the discarded residue of humans. Garza's biggest achievement was the exhibition of a drawing on paper at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Another highlight was a site specific sculpture made of up-cycled PVC pipes chosen to represent Houston as the first artwork to greet guests at the Entrance to the 2018 Texas Contemporary Art Fair at The George R. Brown Convention Center. PVC was chosen because of the strong tie that Texas has with oil and also to echo the architecture and color of the Convention Center with all the exposed piping and ducts. Garza's largest site specific public art installation covered an entire buildings' facade measuring 25ft x 100ft and was meant to inspire calmness in our busy lives.


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