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Ricky Woodman-Povey/ Self-Portrait

Ricky Woodman-Povey is an Australian self-taught mixed media textile artist based in the South West of England. With an innovative spirit and a deep reverence for the tactile, Ricky merges traditional textile techniques with elements of mixed media, cyanotype and printmaking, creating pieces that are not only visually arresting but rich in texture and depth.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, my work often features organic shapes and patterns, as well as bold and vibrant hues. My work is a dialogue between material and concept, where every stitch and imprint is a narrative thread, weaving together stories inspired by the natural world, the complexities of human psychology, and the timeless tales of mythology.

My artistic journey is one of exploration and connection. Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of nature, the nuanced tapestry of human emotions, and the mythological archetypes that shape our understanding of the world, my aim is to create works that resonate on multiple levels. Each piece invites the viewer into a space of contemplation, where the lines between the physical and metaphysical blur.

Fibre stitches together the history of human civilisation. It is a vital part of the way that we engage with the world around us and an enabler of self expression. As long as there have been fibres, there has been fibre art. My vision is to make textile art a staple for fine contemporary art consumers.

Each technique adds a unique element to my work, allowing me to explore different textures, colors, and forms in my artistic expressions. The fusion of these diverse techniques results in a rich tapestry of creativity that reflects my deep connection to nature and my passion for experimentation in the world of textile art.


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