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Robbie McKinstry/ Book Edition

Robbie McKinstry is a visual artist who captures sensual, mundane, and emotionally potent moments from his daily life. His primary mediums are painting and drawing, which he employs to encapsulate memories and daydreams. Working instinctively, he often draws inspiration from the world around him, using art as a tool to process his thoughts and feelings, aiming to glean insights from each creation.

With a historical nod to modernist artists such as Sidney Nolan, Tarsila Do Amaral, Marsden Hartley, and Joy Hester, McKinstry engages in an ongoing dialogue of the globalised modernist language. He seeks to communicate with both the past and present, contributing to the burgeoning representation of queer lives in the art world. Currently residing and working in London, McKinstry holds a BFA in Fine Art from the Victoria College of the Arts, with a specialisation in Animation.


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