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Roger Monteiro/ Spring Issue

Roger Monteiro is a graphic artist born by the end of the 70's in Southern Brazil, where he lives and works. Besides a solid career as an art director and graphic designer in the advertising industry, his story with aesthetical research is deeply attached to the digital means which, besides typography, is his natural habitat.

“As an artist I'm not bounded to aesthetical rules. Pureness of the form bores me. Symmetry makes me sick. I'm an urban soul therefore I'm used to distill beauty from the messy, yet delicate, relations that emerge from chaos. I’m only happy when it’s rough. I feel comfortable in company of the concrete and the asphalt. I see humanity in the skyscraper that defies gravity and God just to say: we live, therefore we create. The gray areas between our own insignificance and our cocky way to invent a notion of Life interest me very deeply. I like everything that's broken, everything that's fake. Nightmares are just dreams behaving badly. Come bad-dream with me.”

Along the last years Roger had his work published to some magazines and exhibited in Brazil, England, Portugal and Italy. He’s a doubt enthusiast: he believes whenever he’s one hundred percent convinced about something, he’s not doing his job right.


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