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Roman Vaughan-Williams/ Drawings & Sketches

Roman Vaughan-Williams graduated from Newcastle University in 2020 with a BA in Fine Art. He uses drawing to think-through issues in contemporary politics, science and critical theory. Much of Roman’s practice pushes the materials of ink, charcoal and graphite to its limits and make us aware of how a piece’s context changes the work itself.

Roman Vaughan-Williams makes artworks that map a landscape of relationships: within the outside world, inside his psyche and between these two spaces. His works are often made up of juxtapositions of material; rusty iron A-frames come up against graphite-covered MDF and trompe l’oeil representations of woodgrain. What appears like disparate matter is drawn together into visual poems; meditations clustered around particular concerns; Marxism, opium, De-Colonialism, thermodynamics, irony, sincerity, Feminism.

These poems do not explain the world but are maps in a journey of discovery; a journey to escape the impasse of ‘the eternal present’.


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