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Ronald Gonzalez/ Book Edition

Ronald Mario Gonzalez is a contemporary sculptor and installation artist known for generating innovative bodies of work that explore the intersection between found objects and figuration. At the core of the artist's practice is a complex fusion of time worn and abject materials that blend personal memories with an archaeology of past objects into proliferation's of mournful and evocative heads, figures, and assemblages. Since the mid-seventies the artist has created elegiac sculptures and installations that are embodiment's of mortality, memory, and survival combining elements of both assemblage and bricolage, remaking dated leftovers at hand in a process of dissolution and renewal. Always working in anthropomorphized serial form, the works feature permutations of materials, scale, color, and texture, giving degraded materials human status and presence through improvisation and craft. Gonzalez’s restless investigation of animating materials has produced a disquieting sculptural universe with expressive distressed elements that serve as an existential grounding for representing the human condition.


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