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Ronald Gonzalez/ Drawings & Sketches

Ronald Mario Gonzalez is a contemporary sculptor, assemblage and installation artist known for generating bodies of work that explore the intersection between found objects and figuration. At the core of the artist's practice is the complex fusion of time worn materials that blend personal memories and histories into proliferations of hybrid heads, figures, and assemblage objects articulated by personal symbolism and psychological complexity. His ongoing investigation into the nature of physical objects and their materiality emphasize the disturbing overtones of found objects and detritus materials as a metaphysical grounding for our human condition. Since the mid-seventies the artist has created elegiac sculptures and installations that are embodiments of mortality, memory, and survival combining elements of both assemblage and bricolage, remaking dated leftovers at hand in a process of dissolution and renewal. Always working in anthropomorphized serial form, Gonzalez features permutations of materials, scale color, and texture giving degraded materials human status and presence through improvisation and craft. Gonzalez’s sculpture is mournful, confrontational, and estranged. His restless investigation of animating materials has produced an art with archaic, apocalyptic, and quasi-alien distressed elements that permeates his work

These drawings are small quick sketches for larger works. They are an extension of the figurative sculptural works that are central to my practice. The figures are realized through a controlled chance process using shades of saturated ink washes combined with both bold simple and energetic line as conceptual tools to draw attention to the flow of transparent and murky fields of color accentuated with dark inky masses where the visual potential expanse of ink is exploited.


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