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Rosie Burns/ Women Art

Rosie had been making and selling her work for over 3 decades, she's 47. She trained in Archaeological illustration, published drawings within the field, completing a degree in Archaeology and Sociology in the mid 1990s. After qualifying to teach Art and Design, she spent 7 years teaching Art in a secondary boys school, she went on to teach in many and various educational establishments. She exhibits with a number of small galleries across the UK, supplementing sales with teaching. Rosie was an Artist in residence at the Oxo London, South Bank in 2017 and has exhibited regularly in Amsterdam, she had work selected for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries in December 2020, she had work as part of a Social Justice exhibition at Art Week Miami USA in December 2022. She is prolific and fruity, a magpie for collecting images. Her work is often concerned with water, skies, environmental musings and the human form. There is a dichotomy in style and intention between her landscape and figurative work.


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