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Samira DEBBAH/ Spring Issue

Samira DEBBAH is an artist painter and sculptor based in Morocco . She is an emerging artist, working in various media including fine art, sculpture. She was always interested in art her entire life. The passion for creation came to her from childhood.

She is a self taught artist. Her last exhibition was at Pocket star gallery in Greece.

''My work is the interpretation of everything I am, what I connect with the most in life, especially my sentimental side. I put everything I have into it and if I am in love with it which is when I stop.

I like to create an art which gives the possibility to the viewer to interpret it according to his perception and his vision. To create a debate between him and his deepest unique interpretation. I don't limit myself to just one style or concept. I like to play with shapes and nuances to create a unique combination.''


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