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Sarah Liebenberg/ Women Art

Sarah Liebenberg is a third-year Fine Art student at UCA, who is passionate about exploring the themes of visibility and invisibility in societal norms through her art. Her unique approach combines sculpture and photography and employs makeup as a medium to create thought-provoking pieces. Sarah's work encourages viewers to challenge their perceptions of identity and societal standards and provides a space for introspection and dialogue. Her art reflects a thoughtful engagement with these themes and invites us to join her in questioning the status quo.

Influenced by my grandmother's teachings on women's power and feminism, at 21, I am an emerging artist exploring the complexities of beauty standards through video and photography. My work, inspired by Naomi Wolf and Merleau-Ponty, critiques societal norms while blending my personal narratives with feminism. Challenging conventional expectations, I invite viewers to reflect on the constructs of beauty and identity. My art is a dialogue between personal experience and societal critique, aiming to spark conversation about beauty, empowerment, and self-discovery. As I continue to evolve, my goal is to blend critical observation with intimate experience, fostering reflection and empowerment.


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