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Savako/ Contemporary Jewelry

Savako is a self-taught sculptor. Her sculptures are characterized by their colorful and playful forms, which look like ancient civilizations, but with contemporary pop. In Japan, she surprised the locals by creating an 8- meter diameter UFO that suddenly appeared in the city. And from Sculpture by the Sea in Denmark in 2015, a total of four of them have now been permanently installed in Denmark. In 2021, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe won the Kids' Choice Award, and the work has been installed in Australia.

''My name is Savako and I am a sculptor living in Japan. I am making a sculpture. It is the best and most direct way to embody an image. The material depends on what I imagine. I am strongly attracted to the mystique in ancient civilizations and primitive art. I want to focus on them, which are becoming scarce in modern society. My sculptures are installed in Billund Sculpture Park in Denmark. The two sculptures Hello Golem "OTO&TOGEN" are unique and entertaining. In Perth, Australia, a sculpture called "Dream of Cyprus" was installed last year. It is a very colorful sculpture. I don't particularly follow trends. I feel that trends are like living things because they are always changing. I have applied for various competitions. It's good that the competition is judged by the work regardless of the background. There probably isn't a straightforward approach for artists, and I think each person has their own approach. In my case, I'm trying to find out, but anyway, I give top priority to what I want to make. The hardest part will be capturing the image from the clouds. It may appear and disappear in the blink of an eye.''


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