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Scapa Joe/ 'Sea in Me'

Scapa Joe is a collaboration between professional artist Caroline Appleyard (Scapa) and photographer / 3D designer Dean Hodson (Joe).

They aim to raise awareness of climate change, extinction, peace, pollution, and especially the ecological balance of the oceans . Caroline paints, and they also make sculptures showing the possible future if climate change continues. They describe their work as utopian dystopia. show the possible futures we face; floods, rising sea levels, plague, pandemic, pollution, apocalypse. We are knowingly trashing our planet ; we know that we need to act now, but are not listening to mother nature. We use consumerism in an attempt to to buy happiness, obsess over social media , fame, glamour, money, excess, while all the time we are destroying our planet, and very soon it will be too late to stop the damage.

Diving for more than 20 years, Caroline and has seen a sharp decline in fish stocks, and increase in plastics and sea trash. Dean is an environmentalist and they work well together, often exchanging ideas on their morning runs. They are both live and work in Chesterfield, UK. They are artivists working in various media.


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