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Sebastien Theraulaz/ Floral

After completing a degree in industrial design at the ArtCenter College of Design (Los Angeles, 1997), Théraulaz moved to Montreal and founded a graphic design studio. Over the next fifteen years, with this studio as his base, he worked as creative director on a host of projects for Quebec stakeholders in the arts. His visual creations were recognized with prestigious awards such as the prize for best Quebec and Canadian music video in 2003, and the Grafika grand prize for his Subroyal typography in 2006.

After returning to Switzerland in 2010, he devoted himself entirely to his artistic work and taught art classes in cantonal schools in French-speaking areas near Lausanne. His approach as an artist is to reflect on the paradoxes of contemporary society through experimental processes in collage, photography and engraving. Curious by nature, he explores different forms of artistic language, but with the constant aim of initiating a sensitive dialogue with the audience.


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