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Seeman Ho (Twodogs Ho)/ Book Edition

A London-based Multidisciplinary artist. Seeman Ho (Twodogs Ho) activist focusing on environmental, ecological and well-being issues. Her practice involves installation art, painting, performance art, text, sculpture, video and music therapy.

Seeman Ho has performed her handpan music in the UK from 2020 until now, she composes handpan music with her poems at the art events, the fashion show and the Latitude festival 2022 (Suffolk), she created an installation art with handpan performance in the forest in 2022( London), playing handpan music and sound healing sessions on The ZEN Bus and the everts in London.

She likes the microscopic universe, her work always incorporates nature and life. With her understanding of the natural and human worlds, her works of art are inspiring and influential, they attempt to depict the conflict between mankind and the environment through artistic expression.


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