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Shekofteh Afrasiabi/ Winter Issue

Shekofteh Afrasiabi was born 1983 in Shiraz, Iran. She has been painting for many years, and in the last few years, more professionally.

With painting, she can depict her feelings without fear. Moments of excitement, sadness in the depths of being, inner emptiness, repressed emotions, disturbing visions and boring hearsay left in the mind. Whatever she wants.

Human is a very strange being because he deeply has a burning desire to do things that the mind normally doubts about doing or sometimes considers it wrong.

Being incorrect does not mean a mistake related to predetermined norms. it’s more about the sense that doing this will make me happy without regret?! And what are the effects of doing it on my soul and body?! And if someone else is involved in it, she/he is also happy and satisfied and agree, without the slightest physical and mental damage?! And it also has the satisfaction and acceptability of the action for the rest of the people who may be involved or affected by it?

These are all the subjects that have occupied my mind for years and I depict them in my paintings.


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