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Shirley Shantel/ Women Art

Shirley Shantel has worked as a Creative Producer in the corporate world for over 10 years and storytelling for brands, threading brand strategy, creative conceptualisation to the design of the customer experience, producing world class events and content for over 30 global brands, in over a dozen countries. It was her job to put together teams of artists, designers and musicians to create large scale events from product launches roadshows, exhibitions, to bespoke video content for holograph projections, AR, VR and large screen displays, documentary filming.

Yet after years of working for corporate giants and clients, Shirley felt unfulfilled being constricted to only commercial work. So this year she decided to step out on her own to express her creativity for what she believes in, and in a fully authentic way, exploring more of her music and art in increasingly experimental ways, dedicating her energies to focus her work on service to our beautiful Planet Earth, and also to the collective well being.


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