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Simon Berson/ Autumn Issue

Growing up in New York City, for Simon Berson had many advantages. Simon used to skip school and spend days at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Modern Art and the Guggenheim museums. The influence of Tanguy, Duchamp, Picasso, Calder, Kandinsky, Nevelson, Bontecue, and many others, is apparent in my work. Tempered by 30+ years as a technical writer and illustrator for a variety of manufacturers.

The collage/mixed media pieces begin with filling a sketch book with a series of imagined part drawings, Over the years he has developed a vocabulary of parts that are assembled without a predetermined plan. It feels like a 2D sculpture. Once the basic shape is established, the technical components are added. The structure becomes blended into an object that presents the viewer with an insoluble subject, thereby maintaining freshness every time you see it.

Simon worked in the corporate world at a time of extraordinary change, and has an appreciation for the technical apparatus that he uses in his work.


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