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Stepan Ryabchenko/ Winter Issue

Stepan Ryabchenko is a Ukrainian artist, one of the prominent representatives of new media art. His work spans digital art, conceptual architecture, graphic, sculpture, and light installations.

Combining figurative and abstract futuristic language, he creates large-scale digital prints and computer animation, which become "fragments" of the virtual universe he designed. Often the subjects of the image are imaginary plants and animals – the surrealistic appearance of the life form, existing according to the laws of the world created for them by the artist. The virtual landscapes in which Ryabchenko unfolds the stories of the characters are a self-sufficient multidimensional digital reality. Despite its technological digital origin, the appearance of this space is far from all urban and man-made. Using a component of technological development of mankind as a tool Stepan Ryabchenko appeals to the idea of human relationships with the natural environment.


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