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Susheel Basra/ Summer Issue

Susheel Basra is a Graphic Designer with experience in creating for print and digital formats for a wide range of clients. He enjoys collaborating with other creatives, taking inspiration from one another. Susheel worked alongside different studios from marketing agencies to an architectural practice. He is a designer who enjoys working on a variety of branding, marketing and illustrative projects. He brings a professional attitude with me and a positive and organisational method of working which allows him to focus skills and learn more about different design ethics.

''I like to experiment with type, illustrating letters and phrases with pens, papers and on the computer. I tend to use different paper stocks in my work as well as other mediums such as spray paint / acrylic pens, paints. I enjoy distorting letters, and words using bold colours to make an impact. I tend to use positive quotes and funny phrases with the inclusion of certain characters and hand gestures to express feelings. Illustrating positive quotes gives me the opportunity to share with everyone whether it is by social media or leaving hand drawn sketches in public places.''


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