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Tajinder Dhami/ 101 contemporary artists and more... VOL4

Tajinder Dhami, also known as Stanthers Ink, is an artist based in London. His artistic practice encompasses a wide range of forms, including animation, micro-stages, installation, objects, and drawings. His work delves into exotic expressions of transcendentalism and spirituality, exploring how these concepts function and manifest within the realm of an artist's practice.

He investigates points of departure, subtle objects, essences, meditation, ascension, seeking, and the spiritual path as encapsulated within the world. Throughout this creative journey, he navigates the earthly polarities that contrast with spiritual existence, discernible through divisionalism and historical hegemonies. Utilizing references to animation techniques and processes, he harnesses the qualities of time, space, and movement to leave markers along this path. In all of his works, he endeavors to encode traces of gesture and the fertile seeds of growth.

His artworks have been showcased and performed internationally, with notable exhibitions and events at locations like ClimateProv, Be Fantastic Festival in Bangalore International Centre, India, and LaLa Land Festival in Ruigoord, Amsterdam, Holland in 2023. Other notable exhibitions include "Sweet Tooth" at Seagar Gallery in London in 2023, and "Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014" at the World Museum in Liverpool, the Institute for Contemporary Arts in London, and The Exchange in Penzance. His works have also been featured in the DOTMOV 2014 Festival in Japan and its global tour in 2014.

Furthermore, Tajinder has collaborated with diverse communities in the Southwest region and has received animation commissions from institutions like The National Health Service (NHS) trust and avant-garde musicians such as Matthew Herbert and Natty and the Rebel Ship. He holds a degree from the Animation Departments at the Royal College of Art, London (2007), and the National Centre for Computer Animation (2000).


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