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Tim Clarke/ Drawings & Sketches

''It was drawing that brought me to art. As a boy of 14, involved in a school project I first came across drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. They amazed me. Even as a boy I sensed they possessed monumental beauty. This was a turning point in my life. I decided to dedicate my life to art. Ever since, 51 years now, I have been trying to answer how could Leonardo do that? That is how to create mesmerising beauty that speaks from my deepest senses.

Leonardo’s range deeply impressed me by exploring all aspects of human expression. Accepting that all human beings are unique yet carrying with a unifying common humanity, I try to capture these qualities.

My development initially involved a great deal of copying, drawings from Leonardo or photographs. Eventually I became dissatisfied and wanted to create beyond copying. Feeling that dance might provide an answer and wanting to draw from life I contacted a dance group on the strength of seeing one captivating photograph. They were titled as having learning difficulties and in my view were creative to astonishing levels. I was in my late forties at this point and they had been with their chorographer for 10 years. I felt we were both ripe. I drew them in movement, which resulted in unforeseen, fascinating and dynamic drawings. I incorporate these drawings in my painting compositions still.

I go to local festivals as the official artist and record participants again in movement, often they do not know I have drawn them. The movement helps me answer the questions Leonard inspired. I still look for the individual uniqueness and have learnt to use as few lines as possible to say as much as possible.''


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