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Tomas Lagunavicius/ Autumn Issue

Tomas Lagunavicius considers himself to be post-matric person who works in various cultural and artistic fields. He understand a post-matric person as someone who can think in different ways depending on the situation and the type of activity chosen. He came to visual art through directing plays and designing sets. Now it is a separate field of research and activity to which he devote a lot of time. He has had over 37 solo exhibitions in the visual arts, participated in 56 biennials, exhibitions and so on, created 39 performances, written 12 books in the field of the arts, etc.

The author of these paintings is Tomas Lagūnavičius, a doctor of social sciences and a representative of interdisciplinary arts. He has been participating in variety of artistic projects. He has staged many plays, created many exhibitions, installations, and performances. Tomas is passionate about creating abstract art and art that belongs to meta cubism. 1. Meta-cubism goes beyond cubism by retaining its elements. 2. Elements of Metacubism can become elements of any other art. 3. Metacubism does not copy elements of other art styles, but reworks them. 4. Metacubism works are created by both human and artificial intelligence.


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