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Tomi Borza/ B&W Photography

"Ideas for my projects come naturally, and I don't want to force them. Any subject that inspires me as a person and is coherent and suitable for a project is suitable for exploration. My hope is that my art ages well and that I achieve a higher standard in my commercial work through my artistic work."

Tomi (Tamás-Richard) Borza, born on the 16th of October, 2000, in Oradea, Romania, is an emerging artist and photographer. Even during his teenage years, Tomi's artistic pursuits extended beyond photography. He nurtured his love for art by actively participating as a drummer in numerous bands, exploring the rhythmic and expressive world of music. His appreciation for the arts further expanded to include auteur cinema and literature, which continue to inspire his creative journey. Furthermore, he developed a fascination with IT and excelled in programming competitions. However, his passion for photography eventually took over. After leaving his engineering studies at university, he decided to pursue a professional career in photography. Tomi ventured into various entrepreneurial endeavors, including online marketing, commercial photography, printing, and even worked as a photographer for the Romanian Government. As he worked with clients, he realized that his unique photography style attracted attention and sparked a desire within him to explore the creative side of photography further. Subsequently, he enrolled in a visual arts/photography degree program at West University of Timișoara. He is also a "Creative Member" of Varadinum Photo Club. Tomi's talent has been recognised through exhibitions in galleries such as PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary, Mansarda Gallery at the Faculty of Arts WUT, Art Center WUT and places like the Parliament of Spain and Philharmony of Oradea.


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